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The Pitt AF-CBT Program (Pittsburgh, PA)

Director: David J. Kolko, Ph.D., ABPP
Trainer/Consultant: Barbara L. Baumann, Ph.D.
Coordinator: Eunice Torres, M.S.
Clinicians: Jessica Gahr, M.A., Barbara Baumann, Ph.D.

University of Pittsburgh
School of Medicine
Department of Psychiatry

Our Location

513 Bellefield Towers 
100 N Bellefield Ave 
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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Information for Referring Agencies

Our Services

The PITT AF-CBT Program, directed by Dr. David Kolko, assists local agencies to find appropriate services for families referred for anger, aggression, or physical abuse/force (conflict, coercion). Through a specialized service agreement with the agency or organization (described below), our program offers assessment and treatment recommendations by experienced specialists. Families who come to our Oakland office (near the University of Pittsburgh) can receive a comprehensive consultation services from clinicians trained by the developers of the model.

The cost of consultation is not reimbursed by insurance companies and thus, is a strictly out-of-pocket service for families.

We also have the capacity to receive referrals for treatment from other agencies, so we can see families who have been referred by an agency such as Children, Youth, and Families, Juvenile Court through a service agreement.

Costs and Charges

The cost of a specialized evaluation is determined by the total number of hours required to complete the full evaluation. Included in the final cost projection is the pre-evaluation and post-evaluation time of the PITT AF-CBT Program clinical team. The rate for our services is $125.00 per hour. When and if clinical services are provided, the same hourly rate applies. Once the service contract is initiated with the referring agency, the PITT AF-CBT team will develop a treatment plan based on the results of the assessment and any other key clinical issues/considerations.

Before the PITT AF-CBT Program can begin an evaluation, the requestor must provide a deposit of $375.00 to cover work performed prior to the initial evaluation.

For Referral Information

Please contact Eunice Torres, MS by e-mail or by phone at (412) 246-5286.

To find a local AF-CBT provider, please check our Agency Map.



Photo Credit: "Bellefield Tower" by Mike Procario used under CC BY-ND 2.0.


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